Finance Manager

Morgan Hill, CA



Ability to read and comprehend instructions and information.

Professional personal appearance.

Excellent communication skills.

Ability to meet company's production and quality standards.

Superior communication skills. Valid sales license. Able to interact and get along with all customers. Experience with F&I product sales, or able to efficiently learn product information.

Physical Requirements


spend time indoors in air-conditioned areas.


on a regular basis


on a regular basis


on a regular basis

Bending, twisting and/or stooping


Kneeling and/or Squatting



25 lbs to 50 lbs


Reaching and/or lifting overhead


Repetitive hand/finger movement

on a regular basis

Grasping/grabbing with hands


Pushing and Pulling



General Expectations

Devote himself/herself to insuring satisfaction to customers.

Determine management, production and quality requirements by asking questions and listening.

Attend company meetings as required.

Maintain a follow-up system that encourages follow through with assigned projects.

Establish personal performance goals that are consistent with company standards of productivity and devise a strategy to meet those goals.

Review and analyze actions at the end of each day, week, month, and year to determine how to better utilize time and plans more effectively.

Understand the terminology of the business and keep abreast of technology changes in products and services.

Know and understand the federal, state and local requirements which govern the company’s business.

Follow lawful directions from supervisors.

Understand and follow work rules and procedures.

Participate in performance management.

Interact well with others and be a positive influence on employee morale.

Uphold the company’s non-disclosure and confidentiality policies and agreements.

Work evening, weekend and holiday work hours as required.

Job-Specific Expectations

Perform all rate quotations. Present paperwork to and acquire approval from finance sources on all finance deals.

Devise methods and establish procedures to enable proper and timely completion of all sales related paperwork. Scrutinize all paperwork for any errors and to ensure accuracy of title, taxes, line information.

Provide a strong selection of available finance and insurance products by assertively recruiting and maintaining this healthy market base. Actively use sales techniques.

Use effective problem solving skills to regularly review departmental activities

Create and maintain positive working relationship with multiple finance sources, factory, and others.

Yield satisfactory levels of profits and revenue for the dealership by selling insurance, finance, and extended service programs to all customers with both new and used automobiles. Actively cross-sell accessories, parts, and ready to ride products to customers.

Working in co-operation with the sales team, be available to give additional assistance to a sales person in the Automobile Sales Department as needed.

Actively support overall company procedures and policies and uphold the dealer’s philosophy.

Interact effectively and actively in cross-functioning with all departments, with particular emphasis on the Service Manager and Sales Department.

Be a liaison to all departments in issues regarding Finance and Insurance.

Encourage all staff to provide quality Customer Service to all customers by actively modeling an exemplary degree of Customer Service. Handle all customer complaints courteously and efficiently, exhibiting a positive attitude, empathy, and our dedication to making the experience positive for our customers.

Utilize the delivery of any new or used automobile to create an event that will facilitate customer loyalty to the dealership.

Uphold a quality evaluation and enhancement program to assure extraordinary quality service to all customers. Establish and utilize a selling protocol that strongly emphasizes features and benefits so that all customers experience reliable interactions with the dealership.

Exemplify commitment to the dealership’s philosophy of excellent service for all customers, providing an example to other dealership employees.

Potential to make over $200,000!

The Finance Manager Position has a Pay Scale consisting of the following elements and ranges.  Wages include Base Hourly Compensation of $25.00.  The position may also pay commission compensation which is based on the value or amount of closed sales achieved from $0.00 (if no sales are made) without any upper limit other than sales performance.  The position also may also pay a production bonus based on individual or team performance that may range from $0.00 (if baseline benchmarks are not met) without any fixed upper limit.